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Swiebodzin, Poland

House, Trance

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BTL has been spinning the best tunes since 2004, he always put on an incredibly energetic, passionate, and memorable show,and he is always creating an atmosphere that just gets people’s feet moving on the dancefloor until dawn !

He is playing from all kinds of trance music ending on House mixed with break tunes, so anyone can have a great party when He is Playing.

When He got his first equipment. He was spending at least 5 hrs a day on his decks & drive his mom & neighbors up the wall with the constant pounding of the music. Until 2004 He was playing at many underground parties, for his friends in Poland. From now on He want to start playing at the club’s…

Other DJ’s inspire him, but his love for the music motivates him and keeps him moving with a grin on his face looking over a crowded club going insane…