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‘BS1′ stands for the alchemy between two people that share musical inspiration in a perfect and complementary way. A name that is somehow impersonal, not referring to any of them in particular, but rather to the collective of their talents. It embraces the idea that the people should focus exclusively on their amazing sounds instead of who’s behind it. Not to worry though, as the mystery won’t last forever – the duo has now become the newest addition to the Boysnoize booking roster.

“It’s very important, in the creative phase, not to worry about riding the fashionable kind of music but trying to create your own sound with no constraints.”

This sentence sums up the ethos behind the boy-girl house-techno duo, their sound has come from an organic background, full of obscure 60’s music, the crackling sounds of vinyl, 90’s house and tech-house. And it’s not just music that inspires BS1 as artists, it’s art, movies, photos and everything they love which surrounds them that are all essential to writing music for BS1. Take this stylistic and beautiful way of producing electronic music with added modern elements of futuristic bass, whirling synths and vocal hooks to die for – and BS1 have instantly become a firm favourite in yours and everyone else’s current playlists.