Music has always been the most important element in the life of Bryant Ortega, born in the Dominican Republic and torn between two complex cultures. The vast diversity of styles he grew up with helped carve him into the promisingly talented DJ that he is today. He began performing in private parties for friends and family between 1995 and 2002, eventually making it a part-time job playing for corporate parties and private events, mixing commercial pop and house music. By the year 2003 he had already performed in various clubs of the Dominican Republic. Now he presents his effervescent electronic side one that was growing within him for a good while, but never had the crowd to show it to until these opportunities started to appear.

Ideas for his first single in the guise of producer are currently on the works, which will see the light of day sometime soon. But for now, and most importantly, his mission is to let the people know that being here for them is his top priority. Well known among the few Dominican DJ’s within the local circuit (Lombardo, Charlie Hawk, DJ Mahogany, etc.) and some of his colleagues residing overseas (Felipe Inoa Patrone, Razberry, Trajikk, Nitemer), as well as a small but supportive crowd that is growing day by day, he is seen as a promising DJ with a respectable talent at the verge of breaking it big.