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After 4 years as a pro-wrester, international comedian, writer, show producer, costume designer, MC, and TV host the Bruteman entered the Club Phoenix London lineup as VJ and Club Phoenix TV host easing into DJing with DVD turntables and live broadcast camera control boxes.

Heading to the floor in a different outfit every night with different female co-hosts as they all play with the crowd, interview night clubbers, and interview celebrities such as Benny Bennassi, Black Eyed Peas, Lloyd Banks, Chus and Ceballos, Dekoze, Trailer Park Boys, and many more!! The Bruteman mixes live nightclub action and music videos every single night gaining a reputation of surprise and excellence!

In 2004 much word had gotten around about Roger and all of his talents. Club Phoenix London noticed the Bruteman in one of the fashion shows he hosted before. Roger had also booked Go-Go dancers at the Phoenix, designed costumes, interior design, and had done some photography for the Club.

They hired Roger on as a Video Jockey. Immediately there was a change in the atmosphere of the Phoenix as the camera shots and special effects that Roger used on the 5 in club movie screens had on the hundreds of clients every night.

After Club Phoenix TV had a number of on air host disappointments, Club Phoenix Television decided to try out the Bruteman as the TV host. He was an instant success, clients of the club loved Roger and he added even more to the nightclub experience in one of Canada’s most original night venues. The Bruteman began to host Club Phoenix Television every night broadcasting on web TV all over the world at Night after creative night the Bruteman uses all his resources to bring the episodes to a vastly increasing audience. Broadcast after broadcast turned into a success for each episode and for companies teaming up with Club Phoenix such as Circus de Solei, Girls Gone Wild, Lovefest, the London Music Awards, Women’s Oil Wrestling, Zoo Bucks, Zoo Mardi Gras, St. Patty’s Bash, and much more. And as the fun and innovation on camera matured the audience kept growing and growing, watching what the Bruteman was going to do new each and every night!!

The Bruteman also got to interview many celebrities in 2004 for fans such as the Black Eyed Peas, Bishop, Rykoshay, Much Music’s Matt Babel, the Toronto Raptors, Del tha Funky Homosapien, Zion 1, Maxim 2004 winner, the Chippendales, Daryl Riley, and many more making Club Phoenix TV more interactive than ever before!! Live concerts started to be broadcasted on the network too like Busta Rhymes, the Black Eyed Peas, Elephantman, Lloyd Banks, Kyprois, and more testing the skills of camera work and mixing for the young solo VJ Bruteman. 2004 ended with a huge Club Phoenix London celebration with Phoenix TV and the Bruteman bringing in 2005 with a bang, elevators, spanks, and kisses!!!

Immediately after the New Year toll hit 2005 the successful times for Club Phoenix TV and the Bruteman continued. Now established as one of the top nightclub performers in Ontario fans got crazy with the Bruteman on camera every night to create a new fun adventure again and again! Fans from Montreal, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Manchester England, Australia, Sarnia, Guelph, and all over the map came to Club Phoenix to be on television with the Bruteman and have a picture taken with the popular Club Phoenix TV host.

The Brute Beauties started to make regular appearances as co-host along side Roger. Nurses, Go-Go Cops, Cheerleaders, Cowboy/Cowgirls, Bunnies, Devils, Angels, and so many other themes and costumes appeared every night making views not wanting to miss a second of the action waiting to see what will they do next!

More interviews and events in 2005 followed with Benny Benassi, Sydney Blu, The London Knights Memorial Cup Week, Harlem Globe Trotters, Beenie Man Concert, Primetime Allages, Super Bowl ’05 Bash, and others.

The Bruteman, Roger Foley, also debut another look that was titled Bling!!! Bling had the Bruteman in a suit and tie with the Beauties in Ball Room gowns riding up in a different luxury car such as a Porsche or Benz every night while sipping wine and champagne. The Birth of the Bruteman Buck contest came where the Bling handed out Bruteman Bucks to fans so they could collect them and win prizes like Boat Cruises, merchandise, and clothing. The Bruteman used both the Bling and Retro looks to dazzle fans of Club Phoenix TV every night.