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Bruno Pronsato

Berlin, Germany


AKA: Public Lover

Foom Recs, Hello?Repeat, Musique Risquee (Canada)
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…A sound scientist whose work is equally playful and rigorous, Pronsato deploys a canny use of space and idiosyncratically fashioned rhythms to disorient and build suspense—like some 21st-century Miles Davis or Eric Dolphy of the laptop. Despite being a minimal-techno artist, Pronsato offers a palette that’s as full of unexpected patterns and meticulously rendered textures as a Wassily Kandinsky painting…

“The Make Up The Break Up is the first release on Bruno Pronsato’s own Thesongsays label. It’s the longest track in his catalog (38 minutes), and an even deeper excursion into his stylized harmony. This track was originally a track uncompleted while making, ‘Why Can’t We Be Like Us.’ Revisiting it roughly a year ago, Bruno began to reword it. What began as simple attempt to create an EP track out of it became a monster. What monster you ask? In a few words, the monster that is Bruno’s love of musicality and sound design. Musically speaking, we are on a ride somewhere between a slithery house track and a drugged out night out in Chelsea, New York in the ‘60s — and that’s a good thing because we get the entirety of the ride: the ups, the downs, the clouded mentality, the broken heart and perhaps the mended one. It’s happy, it’s sad — it’s something that you can dance to, but most importantly, it’s music that we think you can revisit for many years, as it somehow reflects us, our lives. A playful and extended journey through love and disaster, or at least the soundtrack to it.”