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Electronic Dance Music #EDM

Valencia V.A Spain

Bruno Mendoza Deejay Deejay And Producer

Bruno Mendoza ,

Bruno Mendoza,

Was born in October 1989 in Brazil, and since childhood, he has been fascinated by electronic music and the electronic scenario. A fan of Global Deejay, Benni Bennasi, started working with music at age 15, influenced by his DJ uncle who worked at a local radio station. Influenced by Progressive music and electro house, he started very young to play and produce in the very young genre. He moved to Spain to live with his parents, where he started developing musically, acquiring a musical level, taking his steps in clubs in Valencia and participating in major festivals in the Fallas in Valencia.When he turned 18 he decided to take a big musical step creating an international project with great influence of friends and DJs whose talent can be recognized in the top of the charts Valencia, which led him to his great musical performances in the best clubs in Spain and in the world as in the

• Luna Rosa (Esp)

• Casa Del Loko (Esp )

• 7RIder (Esp) DJ residente durante dos años,

• Discoteca VIRGIS (Esp)

• LaSeven (Esp),

• Discoteca escándalo (Esp),

• Baobab (Esp)

• Red Valencia (Esp),

• The One (Esp),

• Pacha (Fr)

• Festival Music Electronic (Pt)

• Cachaçaria Água Doce (Br)

• Getulio Loft (Br)

• Arena Hits Pantanal (Br)

• Hotel Hits Pantanal (Br)

• Café Cancún (Br)

• Bora Bora Ibiza (Esp)

• Black And White Festival – Cali (Col)

• Colombia Dance Xperience Festival Brasil (Br)

• Black And White Festival Brasil (Br)

among others. In 2010 he was part of the groups producing music as Xpreciencedj ‘s, that led him to success, joining big brands like Crazyland World, supermatrix Group, Baccanali Ibiza, Baccanali Brazil, Universo Robot America, Black and White FEstiva . In his career he shared cabin with great DJs and producers in the global electronic music as Juanlu Navarro, Alexy Mendo, Yikox Bodih, among others, DJ and producer for brands like CoolBeats team with artists like Contributed, Eric Romano, Niko AKA DjLizemah, , Nerhug, Jordan Yordanov, David Puentez . Recent achievements with his productions and charisma with the audience led him to the big music scene where he has shared stage with DJs with worldwide recognition

Prees Information Kit Notes unthinkable…en-2016-94192 Periódico España…18?e=6850985/2278267 Page 114- 115

His work and collaboration with major music names, DJs and artists like Nadia (Deep Zone Project), DJ Dian Solo (Deep Zone Project), Victor Perez (Baccanali Ibiza), Vicente Ferrer (Baccanali Ibiza), Adam Mohino Bellido (CoolBeats Team), Bishop Johnny Chen, Mladen Hammer, Djmoralo, Oscar L, Gorka Music, Nacho Realease, Hard JJ, Cris Baby, Du Tiberani, DJ Nuts noise, SN7 (Paranoja Records), Hugo Percas (Black And White Festival), Chukie, Hobo, Fatboy Slim, among other important artists. Currently he directs and produces the show Crazyland, radio program broadcast on radios and various brands of their official theme parties and Worldtour, currently carrying shields and defending some of the biggest brands in the world as

• Black And White Festival (Colombia)

• Colombia Dance Xperience (Colombia)

• Baccanali Ibiza (España)

• CrazyLand World (España)

• CoolBeats (Bulgaria)

• Baccanali Brasil (Brasil)

• Black And White Brasil (Brasil)

• Universo Robot America (Brasil)

Bruno production has an extensive list of sales items, labels distribution and discographies such as ” Paranoja Records ” , ” White Island Recording” , ” Underground Avenue Records ” , ” UMA Music Awards ” , ” Muenchen ” , ” Electro Superstar ” , ” Listenshut Records ” Islou Records Joining international recopilation along with Afrojack , David Guetta , Chuckie , Albert Neve , among others in collections worldwide , many of them artistic collaboration like SN7 , Adam Villan , Nicogollu , Ann Shine , Jj Duro , Juan Tamayo , and many more.


Electronic Dance Music n;5 U.M.A Music Awards (Goo Ibiza – Original Mix – Bruno Mendoza Feat Sn7)Discografias

• Paranoja Recors (Áustria)

• White Island Records (España)

• Underground Avennue Rec (España)

• ListenShut Rec (España)

• Islou Rec (Brasil)

• Electro Super Star (Europe)

• Muenchen (Germani)

Producer Progressive / Electro / Commercial / Tech / Deep


Noche Divina – Bruno Mendoza ,Alexy Mendo & Yikox Boudih – (Original mix) ( BlindadoRecords)

Brazilian Crazy Night – Bruno Mendoza Feat J-J El Duro – (Original Mix) (ListenShupRecords) The Club Feat Juanlu Navaro – Bruno Mendoza – (Remix) (BmDjMusic Records) Free – Ultra Nate Feat David Puentez – Bruno Mendoza (Private Mix )(BmDjMusicRecords)

Viva la vida -Juan Magan Feat Frances Sentis – Bruno Mendoza – (Private Mashup) (BmDjMusic Records)

Show Me love – Juanlu Navarro & Bruno Mendoza (Private Mix)(BmDjMusic Records) Dance Electric – Bruno Mendoza – (Electro Remix) (BmDjMusic Records) Liki – Liki – Bruno Mendoza ( Original Mix)(BmDjMusic Records) Goo Ibiza – Sn7 , Bruno Mendoza – (Original Mix) (Paranoja Records) Yeah !! – Nico Cogollu , Bruno Mendoza – (Original Mix) (Paranoja Records) El Star – Adan Villan , Bruno Mendoza –(Original Mix) (Paranoja Records) Sol y Luna – Bruno Mendoza , Juan Tamayo – (Original Mix) (White Islante Records) My Music – Bruno Mendoza – (Original Mix) (Underground Avennue Records) I Like Ole – john Revox & 2 Real – Bruno Mendoza ( Mashup ) Just A Beat – Aftc – Bruno Mendoza ( Private Remix )(BmDjMusic Records ) Change The World – Bruno Mendoza Feat Sn7 (Original Mix) (Islou Rec) The New Order – Bruno Mendoza Feat Sn7 (Original Mix) (Islou Rec) Do You Really Love – Bruno Mendoza Feat Sn7(Original Mix) (Islou Rec)

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