Bruce Dixon Beatport


Bruce “dixon” began piano lessons at age 8 years and did all his exams which he completed while a boarder at Sacred Heart College in Auckland city in New Zealand. While there he had to compete with fellow pupils Neil and Tim Finn who’s band always beat Bruce’s in all the College concerts. This was 1973.

Bruce played piano/keyboards in various groups and at this time came to terms with the fact he was no singer especially with competition around like Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

After entering a “disco” for the first time in his life and hearing the music of people like Isaac Hayes, Barry White and Viola Wills and many many others he got seriously hooked and has been there ever since. From 1973 to 2005 to be exact.

Bruce moved to Sydney in Australia from New Zealand after a world trip and spent the later 70’s and early 80’s mostly in it’s Gay bars and clubs where his interest in the music developed even more. He worked as a pianist part time, a hobby mainly, as his main occupation at the time was his trade Bricklaying. Places he played piano included The Albury Hotel, Orient Hotel, Phillips Foote, The Lord Nelson.

During this time and a lot of it spent in the discos of Sydney he became a customer of “Disco City” a record and dj store then located in york street. It was the only place to buy the records of the music he heard at the venues. Music like The Boys Town Gang, Julius Green, Amander Lear and Kelly Marie etc. They were specially imported from overseas under the threat of major local record company legal actions. Bruce also purchased his first mixer, a Ralmar, from Gordon at “Disco City” and then turned his apartment then at Bondi Junction into a glorified version of what was later referred to as “the bedroom dj” and that was just the start.

Bruce returned to Auckland in 1982 and got his first proper gigs at Changes bar and became one of the first djs resident to “The Staircase Nightclub” then in Fort st for owners Stuart Buckley and Dennis O’Brian. “My very own Studio 54 and what a great venue the Staircase was and such great people too”. “Talk about ‘Good Times’” he remarks passionately.

Bruce was the first dj to beat mix, seguing, in New Zealand and was a self taught dj who worked it out for himself with the help of his valuable background in classical piano. The form of dance music and other music too comes naturally to Bruce and he has an “ear” for music and does not often require written manuscript as a reference. This applies also to him having an ability to feel timing without actually having to count it out manually. e.g. the 8 16 32s etc and 131bpms or the 128bpms.

Now he is living back in Sydney and a full time working dj. Lately he has become a music teacher teaching written music, piano and dj’ing. There are not many venues in Sydney he has not worked for and in fact has a milestone, one of so many, of being the first dj employed ever [twice in fact] to clear out a room instead of filling one. He always says “I want them drinking not dancing cause it is the drinks that pay our wages”. Annies bar recoveries, retro handbag at the Midnight Shift on Sundays, Polly’s Follies, “the Powder Room” with business partner Ricca Paris and the list go’s on and on are but a minute glimpse of his career that is still going strong today which is music. He insists even now after all the experience and time that he feels just like a beginner on grade one and will forever continue to refine his art.

Finally he is doing some ground work in his spare time on composition with the intention of writing and constructing an original piece of music for the dance floor and even at such a late stage in his life, soon he is celebrating his 50th birthday, he says “I have always been a slow developer and am still playing with my toys”. He will probably go to his grave still working on it but he does assure me that every part of his wonderful journey in disco/house music, “whatever you wanna call it”, has been and continues to be something that he can only describe ultimately as ………….“HEAVEN”.

Bruce dixon dj/ musician born 1955 and dj now for 25 years. His personal favorite vocalist – Loleatta Holloway and his favorite music – a Soul base with a combination of techno and Orchestral instruments blended with the craftmanship of a master musician/s.