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Brook B

Phoenix, United States

Breaks, House

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Brook B has been an integral part of the underground electronic music movement for over 10 years. His passion for the music shines through as his eclectic mix of twisted-dirty-electro-tech infused house and breaks enlightens crowds around the world.

As he grew up in Montana, music of all sorts played an important role in Brook B’s childhood. At age 11 he transitioned from avid listener into performer when he picked up the trumpet. With 5 years of music performance under his belt, Brook B moved to Arizona where he was first exposed to underground electronic music. He instantly fell in love with the unique feel and dirty bass. At this point he knew that this would be his future.

He immediately sought out others that had turntables and began learning the art of DJing. He adapted his musical skills and applied a unique sense of timing and a keen ear for music. His thirst for learning would not stop. He began taking any music course he could get in front of, from music history and theory to studio recording and production. He even traveled to Manchester, England to study music for a year.

Brook B’s 14 year journey of music performance has earned him affiliations with Hades Entertainment, Dirt Assasinz, London West, and Spun UK as well as performances at internationally acclaimed events such as Vegas Music Conference (Las Vegas, NV), Earthdance (Portland, OR), Winterfresh (L.A., CA) Evolution (Scottsdale, AZ), and Spring Break (Rocky Point, Mexico) as well as countless events throughout the US, UK and Mexico.