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London, United Kingdom

Electronica, Techno

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He was one of the youngest DJs in the underground techno scene in London, but Briza was instantly a force to be reckoned with behind the decks. In just over two years he went from mixing in his bedroom back home in Campinas, Brazil, to DJing at some of London’s biggest free parties and club nights.

For those who witness his technical skills on the turntables, it’s no surprise to learn Briza has been playing music for most of his life. Luckily, his mother had the foresight to recognize her son’s musical talent when he was just 6 years old and she sent him off to study the flute, keyboards and then the guitar.

At 15 he started listening to electronic music and the seeds of Briza’s future techno-addiction were firmly planted. By the time he was 17 he had a pair of turntables and was well on his way to being hooked.

In May 2003 at the age of 18, Briza moved to London to study English but his life was destined to take another course. After only two weeks in the city, a friend took him to his first free party and he’s been heavily involved in the underground techno scene ever since.

By 2004 he was playing at free parties every weekend with London’s biggest sound systems including Every1Sound, FUQ, GoodFellas, Headfuk, Malfaiteurs, Manik, Restless Natives and Tribe of Munt. It wasn’t long before he landed himself a weekly residency with the renowned Nrgized crew, where he played at George IV every Thursday night, along with resident DJs Animatek, Chris Liberator, Clodagh, Gas and Ludgero.

Briza became well known on the local clubbing circuit featured at some of London’s most renowned clubs including The Mass, The Fridge, SEOne, Turnmills, Alhambra Club, Dance Music Studios, The Jax, The Telegraph, Dukes, Studio 333, Hidden and more.

He played alongside London’s best underground DJs and producers including Aaron Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Geezer, Jerome Hill, Julian Liberator, Mario Conte, Mikelangelo, Pattrix, Olivier FX, Rackkit, Sterling Moss, Syber Symon, Thermobee, Zebedee, and he’s even shared the stage with renowned Brazilian DJs and producers Kadu, Lukas, Rafael Arajo, Renato Bastos, Rodrigo Ruiz and Venta.

In 2005, Briza returned to Brazil to show what he had learned abroad. His first gig was in Campo Grande/MS and then Campinas/SP, where he played a 3 hour set at Kraft’s opening night with Dj Murphy.

The crowd was so impressed by Briza’s original style and contagious energy, that Briza has become a permanent fixture at Kraft’s techno nights along with local and international DJs Eto, Gab, Invoke DUO, Lukas, Mara Bruiser, Rob-ts and Silvio-Soul, Martin Hare, Charles Siegling and Dave the Drummer.

He has also featured at some of Sao Paulo’s most highly acclaimed club nights and underground parties including Techcardia 4th Birthday with Dave the Drummer, Mahatma and OBI, “Love Express” at Lov.e, Jaka Solta, Techno4m8 with Jeff Amadeus and Patrol with Frajola, Kimpa, Manzi, Paulo and Vector Commander Live PA a.k.a. Alex Strunz.

Briza is going back to Europe in 2008 to study music and to join his friend’s (Ludgero) studio producing new tracks :-)