Top 50k on The DJ List


Buffalo, United States



DJ Brik came in to the Buffalo scene in 1999 as a young man first time in a “Big” city. He started spinnin first at home, just like every other DJ out there. When he finally spun out it lit him on fire for the decks. Taking control of the crowd in his own hard progressive style, only he can supply. He is well known for his track selection, scratching, and perfect mixes. Make sure that if ya see him spin somewhere to check his sick style out. Brik can be seen at various Buffalo parties and clubs.

Brik has spun with such DJs as: Paladin (Toronto, ON), Dr. Trance (Toronto), Marty Mcfly (Toronto), Ark Angel (San Francisco, CA), Gilligan (Florida), Venom (Chicago?) Hard House Pimps (NYC), TriXX (OH), N8TRIXX (Buffalo), Twink-e (WNY), Tim Patrick (Toronto), OS/2 (Toronto), Grimace (NF, Ontario), Stretch & Hooker (Toronto), Lea Coubiashi (CNY), Stress (BUFFALO), Devious (FL), Woods (CO), Joe Zapp, (RIP_BUFFALO), Skoobie (Buffalo), and many many more…

Brik is also owner of Vacant Minds Prod. bringing such Parties as Trance Atlantic I, II, 3.0 (St Catherines, ON), August Babies (BUFFALO), Elation (NF, NY), Euphoria (Buffalo), Electronic Dreams (Rochester) and many more.