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Brian Stovall

Houston, United States

Progressive House, Trance

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Once in a lifetime there comes a person who will be able to open your heart wide and invite you to choose greater. Like a magnetic star…gathering the masses, Brian Stovall emits such qualities.

Performing for over 20 years, Brian Stovall’s momentous sets are truly phenomenal. Combining energetic trance, progressive house, & electro house with hair raising, mind blowing beats, this master of his craft delivers the goods to the dance floor for an amazing, awe inspiring auditory sound sensation!

“His music is a driving force on the dance floor. He creates a unique blend of uplifting, spiritual grooves combined with thrusting beats.” DJ Hardware

“Brian Stovall is the hottest DJ to hit the airwaves and club scenes. His distinctive sounds bring a blend of club, house, and high energy. He blazes the night scene.” James Jones – Skinny Entertainment Management

Brian Stovall, who routinely practices energy healing in many potent modalities, transmits a transformational energy throughout his performances. This is best described by him as “A healing frequency of clearing which invites and beckons the recipient’s infite being to open up, let go, and return to consciousness.”

Brian’s uniqueness inherently invites and enthralls one’s true essence. Stovall encourages us all to that transcendent state with his music, ridding us of inhibitions and, if only for a moment in time, allowing the music and the intense energy he creates, enrapture our being and heal.

So, open up wide! Listen and allow yourself to step into the music, and experience the energetic healing world of Brian Stovall’s mind-blowing soundscape of Gaia Transmissions.