In 1998, Brian was introduced to a plethora of ‘new’ Electronic Music, thanks to a club called the Globe. The music featured artists like Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Sasha & Digweed , and Paul Oakenfold. Those artists and that sound served as a massive inspiration to him, an inspiration that carries on to this day.

Just when he thought it could not possibly get any better, in 1999 he heard the sweet trance sounds of DJ Doboy and DJ GT Vocal Mix series on Digitally Imported. While he loves most EDM sub-genres, his true addiction lies within Trance. He has since introduced Trance to many people and friends, including Mike Toshiro.

In 2002 Brian began to start mixing. Mike Toshiro and Brian exchanged a lot of excellent advice so that Brian could better his mixing ability of the music he was so passionate about. It was then that DJ Trancequility was born, but sadly within a few short months was his death. He was informed that there was a producer in Europe by the name of Trancequility. The death of his name did not stop Brian as he started using his own: Brian Martinelli.

In 2005 Martinelli was asked to join Tranceverse with Mike Toshiro and DJ toRn as well as other talented DJs. He began working on several different projects. Perhaps the best known of these projects is Sentimental Emotions, which produced seven mixes. After much success, Martinelli began to DJ at local house parties and small gigs in Atlanta, Ga. In 2007 after some time away Brian returned and produced two great mashups Luminary vs Markus Schulz – Wasting Time First and Interstate vs Ferry Corsten – Remember The Right Way.

Brian Martinelli loves to play with feeling. It is his passion that helps him convey these feelings to his listeners through his mixes.

You don’t listen to trance you feel it. -Brian Martinelli