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Ratingen, Germany


HitMusik, Sound Of Techno
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HitMusik Events & Booking Agency

Markus Danowski

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +49 (0) 2102 – 40 39 5 -0

Mobile: +49 (0) 176 – 91 38 74 25

Skype: buzzvegas

MSN/Live: [email protected]


E-Mail: [email protected]

Markus Danowski alias BrettHit was born 03.February 1985 in Ratingen/Düsseldorf (Germany). He started producing Electronic Music in January 2010 and one Month later with deejaying. His first Mix, which he recorded after 3 Days, was the entry to the Live Online-Radio Station “BunkerTV”, where he signed as Resident DJ.After Building up A Little Fanbase he started to make his own events with artists like Gymmy J, M.I.D.i. & NickZero (Akoom Records) and more.He also played in the most famous clubs in Germany for Example Butan, Rheingold, Elektroküche, Kunstpark, with big Artists like Dj Emerson (CLR), Monoloc (CLR), Cortechs (Tag X), Felix Kröcher (LÄUFT) ,Roland Casper, Nathalie de Borah, Björn Torwellen (Steil/Hell Ist Anders), Massimo (Definition Of Techno) and many more. His First Releases are out on De Hessejungs Label „Sound Of Techno“, Alien Force Digital, ReWashed Ltd., Viral Outbreak Digital and his own Label HitMusik. Techno United! Listen to his Music and Enjoy!

Resident DJ:

KaZantip 2012 (Portugal) [Hard Techno]

08/2010 – BunkerTV

04/2012 –

08/2011 – 08/2011 | Opium Club, Essen

10/2011 – 04/2012 | Butan Club, Wuppertal (Sound Of Poison)



Tresor Club, Berlin

Aratta Club, Moers

Butan Club, Wuppertal

Rheingold Club, Düsseldorf

Cosmo Club, Oberhausen

Opium Club, Essen

Loca71 Club, Essen

Beta.02 Club, Düsseldorf

Elektroküche, Cologne

Klangfabrik, Viersen

Kunstpark, Cologne

Koyote Club|Music Support, Düsseldorf

Halle Luja, Tönisvorst

Touch-Club, Cologne

Nightlife, Ratingen

Schacht1, Oberhausen

Fabrik Unique, Augsburg

Ballonfabrik, Augsburg

Played With:

Monoloc (CLR)

DJ Emerson (CLR)

Cortechs (Minimalistenrudel)

Felix Kröcher(LÄUFT)

Roland Casper

Nathalie de Borah

Gymmy J (Italo Business/1605 Music Therapy/The Zone)

M.I.D.I. (Italo Business/Akoom Records)

NickZero (Italo Business/Akoom Records)

Massimo (Definition Of Techno)

Sorgenkint (SorgenVibes/Acid Wars)

Björn Torwellen (Hell Ist Anders)

Mario De Bellis (Desperadoz Recordz)

Chriss Source & Mark O` Tool (Maurizius)

Mike Maass (Techno Leaque Records)

Bredder&Schredder (BunkerTV/HitMusik)

Björn Nimmich (Nimmich Unterwegs)

M!NJO (Tag X)

and many more…