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Brett Knacksen

Berlin, Germany


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Brett Knacksens (born in August 1975 in Berlin…. musical affinitys go quiet a way back to early years when he was 13. This first remeberd experience happend like a new-wave and gothic fever_flash, showing him relativeness of things for the first time. The not-so-wanted- drum lessons did not bring results, his dream of being drumer in a great new wave band stayed an illusion. The love to electronic music came when he was 16 years old and got himself two techniks mk2 turntalbles. At this time he lived in Bremen, not really a place to get further on a thing like that. so the young producer and prospective DJ by the name “11tonmusik” moved to berlin in 1993. Deeply impressed by Bunker, E-Werk and Tresor he decided to operate as DJ “Graf Geisler”. By the end of the 90’s the musicstudio “The Industrial Elves” was founded together with his friend Charles Tone, the starters go for experimental works with sound. Three years later he published his first CD release on the label “Transition-Music”. Pushed by challenge he started a new project in 2003 with Dana (, both where connected in long year friendship before and called themself by the devine name “Engel & Ruhm”. The same year he changed his DJ name into Brett Knacksen. After a short kreative break and finding himself new orientated he got back on his frame in 2007 with a own netlabel called “Kurzarbeit” to release his produced stuff. Together with Irie Electric he set up “Apollo Slice” in Summer of 2008, both played together in S.O.36 “Electric Ballroom” as part of appetizer DJs and a few other events. It took a while to implement the idea of producing together, but when they started they keept on with fun and enthusiasm. The first releases are made. Out on circuits records. Soon releses on schwarzweiss musik and funkhausmusik will follow… fup! future see you more infomation