Brennan & Heart were born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, where they both have their producing roots. Ironically enough, they didn’t start their dj careers ther... read more
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Location: Tilburg, Netherlands Netherlands
Genre: Hard Dance, House
Alias/Collaboration: BASSDRIVER
Labels: Scantraxx Recordz, StraightOn Recordings, Zero2nine Records

Brennan & Heart were born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, where they both have their producing roots. Ironically enough, they didn’t start their dj careers there. The legendary party organisation Multigroove picked them up, where they became residents for over two years.

Brennan, born as Fabian Bohn (21), had found his passion early. At the age of 14 he began to build his own studio and started producing for several dance acts (ao. No Exit). After sending out some demo cds, companies as A&S and Combined Forces were interested. He came in contact with EMI where he signed a contract.

Heart, born as Pieter Heijnen (24), also started producing first. Only armed with a computer, he composed hundreds of tracks, but not with the intention of becoming a pro. That changed when Heart met Brennan. They decided to get together in Brennan’s studio and the collaboration suited both very well.

After they had both moved to Tilburg, they found an apartment where it was possible to set up the studio. The next months they produced several tracks together and it resulted in one of the first hardstyle releases in Holland: “Bassdriver – Fatal Invasion” on Combined Forces, supported by ao. Luna, Isaac and Warmduscher.

Because of their releases on Combined Forces, Brennan & Heart got in contact with Origin Unknown. He asked Brennan & Heart to do a remix of the track and the first MG release was a fact: “Origin Unknown – Red Planet” including Brennan & Heart’s ‘Misdome Remix’. MG offered Brennan & Heart to do a live act on the MG Queensday Rave 2002. As “Misdome Project”. It was a huge success and the next one would be the start as residents on these gigs.

Brennan & Heart did a release on one of the hottest labels of that time Fusion Records. “Brennan & Heart – Disappearance” terrorised many charts for weeks, ao. the Dance Trends and the IDP chart (highest pos 4), appeared on more than 15 compilations and got licensed to Spain and Germany.

Two months after the release of Disappearance, “Which Way To Go” was the first release on Brennan & Heart’s own label Zero2Nine Records. It was picked up very well in the UK, resulting in a position in the DMC chart. With Zero2Nine Records, Brennan & Heart want to show their own vision of harddance. Combining trance, techno, acid and other styles with hardstyle, Zero2Nine Records has its own original twist and isn’t comparable with other hardstyle labels.

It was dj Gizmo who entitled the Brennan & Heart remix on the second Zero2Nine release “The best hardstyle track of 2003”. “B.v.R. – Hardventure” was the official anthem for this huge event in Germany, where Brennan & Heart also showed their dj skills. The vinyl got sold out and is still very wanted.

After these three releases, the names of Brennan & Heart were set. Every harddance label was interested in their tracks. First in line was Straight On Recordings, who wanted a Brennan & Heart release after having heard two dj tools they made for their set in November, called “Acid Revenge” and “Come Out!”. “Bend Over Bitch” completed the “Brennan & Heart present HardState” release.

Having released for over 30 vinyls and 10 remixes the last years, it is clear that Brennan & Heart have grown to top of the bill producers. With all these releases, they also were picked up abroad. Bookings across the world have brought them to countries as Curacao, UK, United States, Malta, Belgium and Germany and the list will grow further and further this year with bookings in Switzerland, Greece, Spain and even South Africa.

About new releases, Brennan & Heart weren’t on a break. These few weeks Scantraxx Recordz, known from ao. Hardheadz, Dj Duro and of course The Prophet, released two Brennan & Heart vinyls: “The Worxx Part I & II” and that’s not all. Last month “One of Three – Stop The Madness” saw the light on Exxess Records/Media Records, where Brennan & Heart show again that they have their own unique harddance sound.

But the most fuss is about the next Zero2Nine release: “Brennan – Speakercheck / Rush To The Floor”. Getting hyped by ao. Isaac, Deaz D, Trilok and Chiren, Pila, “Speakercheck” is found on the latest Bitte Ein Beat compilation. Getting hyped by ao. Deepack, Gizmo, Beholder and Balistic “Rush To The Floor” is already compiled on the newest Hard Bass and the newest Harder Mach cds.

Brennan & Heart are now working on the “HardState” follow up and will also do a hardtrance release on the new sublabel Straight On Black. Additionally they have also planned some very exiting and unusual remixes for Zero2Nine Records. It all has the right ingredients that this very promising and talented harddance duo will make it to the top!