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Brandon Morales

Miami, United States


Brandon Morales Beatport


Growing up in New York DJ Brandon Morales started listening to House Music from a very young age as he spent numerous hours in the studio watching his father produce music as well mixing at home. Brandon was born already being apart of the Def Mix Family watching House music evolve to what it is today. Before Brandon even knew how to operate a turntable or a mixer he would flip through records at the For The Record record pool in NY before he knew it he was listening to them on his dads 1200’s and Urei 1620. With some of the best teachers at his disposal DJ Brandon Morales Watched Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tommie and Louie Vega in the studio and preforming at many prestigious venues in New York, Miami and other international venues like Pacha Ibiza and Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos non the less he had the best teacher any DJ could ever wish for his father DJ David Morales. Brandon’s dad handed him his first DJ rig when he was 11 years old and from their so it began with vinyl. Brandon’s passion for music on continued to grow. His father always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and to work hard for what he wanted. While loving his “old school” New York Garage flavor, his passion lends to a broad spectrum, hot night of House Music. Further more Brandon has played for Sunset Rio Radio Show in Rio Brazil and has a weekly radio show on Echo Lovers FM. As Brandon continues to share his passion for music through out the world keep an eye out for where ever he is spinning to have a night of soul moving House Music.