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Psy Trance

Members Israeli based Ori Fitussi better known as Brain Bokka, start Djing and producing music since the end of 1999. His interest in electronic music was during the early 90’s. During the year 1995 he visited some Psy parties and was fascinated by the music, this music really got him hooked. He start collecting music and finding new sounds and build is own studio where he start to create and produce is music. For 3 years Brain Bokka was the resident of the Electro Neto weekly line of parties at the Barcoteque (Q club), and got to play alongside various artists and DJs from the international Trance and Progressive scene. He got to play extensively at almost every possible venue in Israel, such as : Sub Kesat Crew, Panda Productions, Moglix Productions, Shula Psychodelic In Space, and many more. In the begining of 2006 Brain Bokka join the Forum Club, ther he is the resdient in the Friday night Electronic line, where he is playing a supporting DJ sets with some of the best artists and DJ’s from the international and the Israeli trance sence, Brain Bokka music style can be described as psychedelic full on trance. Brain Bokka got to play along side with artists and DJ’s, such as : X – Dream, Etnica, Astral Projection, Wizzy Noise, G.M.S, Shanti, Space Cat, Logic Bomb, Skazi, Void, Exaile, Tube, 40%, Star X, Psychotic Micro, Astrix, Dali, X – Noize, Sub 6, Xerox & Illumination, Pixel, Domestic, Psycraft, Psysex, C.P.U, Inner Action, Bliss, Hujaboy, Pop Stream, Atomic Pulse, Fatali, Dark Soho, Winter Demon, Shift, Tickets, Toxic, Azax Syndrom, Spectrum, Artifact, Blanka, Double R.E.L, Zirkin, Quantum, Paul Taylor, XP Voodoo, Auspexx, Visual Paradox, Ticon, Sensifeel, Yotopia, Lish, Triac, Perfect Stranger, B.L.T & Danni Makuv, Violet Vision, Babaganooskha, Echotek, and many more…

In 1.8.2010 Ori A.k.a BrainBokka Gonna release his debut album Vortex Implosion at Boundless Records Israel

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Hometown Beer Sheva

Record Label Boundless Records

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