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Brad Adams love for music began in the 1970's listening to his mom's collection of Disco music while she hosted after work parties in their garage that was converted into S... read more
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Brad Adams love for music began in the 1970’s listening to his mom’s collection of Disco music while she hosted after work parties in their garage that was converted into Studio 54 for the night in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1980 his love of music had influenced him to begin sharing it with his friends by spinning for them regularly on weekends. His mother who was always a strong source of encouragement and support of his love for music, arranged for him and his friends to host & play in public for the first time at a local Rollerskating Rink. The gig went so well that Brad was offered a job on the spot to spin every weekend for what turned out to be an audience of hundred’s of kid’s. He was on his way to what he knew would be a life long career. In 1984 unbeknown to his mother, he began playing at some local strip club’s at the tender age of 14, LOL? In 1985,after high school graduation they moved to Idaho. He was fortunate enough to meet a women named Rebecca Valentini. Rebecca was the wife of formula one race car driver Etsio Valentini. He raced for Team Ferrari. The Valentini’s built a dance club in Boise, where Rebecca gave Brad his first high profile DJ’ing job at Xenon’s night club, the Ferrari of dance clubs. It was here that he learned the trade and grew professionally as a club disc jockey. His name began to carry weight and soon he found that he was being flown to Salt Lake City for guest appearances. 7 years later, he moved to San Francisco where the Rave culture would erupt and the club scene would take off. It was in San Francisco where he found his love for the House music genre and would eventually lead his to where he is today. He began by taking gigs at local raves to establish myself. As his popularity increased, the End Up bar had sought him out, then it was on to Ten 15 Folsom. By 2000, he had played in clubs in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Phoenix and at the Miami Music Winter Conference. So where do you go from there? Brad Adam, like many others, got the most satisfaction from creating. He relocated to San Diego where the club scene needs an injection of great music, not to mention the population is dying for it. San Diego is his new project…….