Bowyer Hawks Beatport


Bowyer Hawks, born Fredrik Hagblom in Lund Sweden, started DJing under the name DJ Fred or James Hands in 1995 after having been involved in the organization of several clubs in Sweden and in Spain. During several years he was resident at Pajaro 13 and Vibeport in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain), Ritual in Sevilla (Spain), REHAB in Malmö (Sweden). His first interests in electronic music started while studying photography in New York where he was living on and off during the early 90s hanging at clubs such as Nels, Mars, The Tunnel, MKs, Save the Robots.

He releast his first track, Me and parker in 1999 under the name DJ Fred and James hands and has co-produced a few more releases under that name. The first Bowyer Hawks release, “New Dawn 2008 EP” was out july 9th of 2008 on the french label Original Bass. Later the same year the releases “Party Like Them” and “The outer Path” was out on LAW recordings. In 2009 Survivors of a World, The Hope and No Middle Ground was released on LAW recordings.