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Biot, France

Hard Dance, Trance


Dj Boubou is born in Nice, France on the 22nd of September, 1988, under the sign of the Virgin. Already, his astrological symbol demonstrates how his life will develop: a living of extreme contrast, hiding behind an innocent face while touching the supreme void of the Dj World.

As a single child, Boubou was granted the unconditional attention of his parents. Yet upon entering his primary school, Boubou found himself pitted against other strong elements, all desiring that their importance be recognized by the teacher. Boubou therefore became the best, enhancing his intelligence through incongruous means such as literature, so that his scholarship would be ultimate.

It was under this appearance of a perfect student, as well as an excellent athlete (Boubou being French, it is obvious he practiced soccer, at a very high level) that hid the being his friends would name Dj. It all started innocently enough, through a few downloads over the internet, that Boubou discovered his undying affection for techno music, and more precisely a trance genre, with a bass range undulating between 2000 and 5000 MHz, as well as a soprano vocal belonging to a placebo-esque registry.

At this time, his scholarship also radically changed, affected by his dualistic personality. He teamed up with Two Friends of his, Russian and Kev, to create a multinational trio, whose grades were nonetheless corrupted by their popular class behavior. His career took off when the trio, along with Ju, a friend of theirs, improvised and then mixed the mythical Walter Lala from a Benny Benassi song in a trance-extreme party.

Automatically, invitations from around the region fused, imploring that Ze Dj animate parties with the exhaustive remix compilation he had built up. He was thereupon a common invite special in every event that took place relatively close to the place where he resided.

But Dj Boubou did not want to depend solely on the work of others. He therefore teamed up with Evaughan, and alternately worked on dissimilar projects between the Walter Lala Trio and Evaughan. It was with Evaughan that his breakthrough occurred. His first single, “Walkinâ€?, made a grand success. Yet it was not the Boubou style as we know it. It only served to reinforce the Trance trend his music was about to take.

Indeed, today Dj Boubou works on numerous tasks. As well as the vibrancy he provides in numerous occasions by his techno library, he continues in his search for an ultimate trance piece. Furthermore, he is also in the process of building up an adequate studio to be able to release fully his Dj spirit with appropriate equipment. Signing up to the Dj list was suggested by his Media Manager Kev to increase his popularity and try to breakthrough on an international level.

Already, his intense style is recognizable around the Cote d’Azur, through his profound music along with the immense talent he displays on the dance floor. He has already created for himself and his group a die-hard reputation for being one of those few who dares everything with his music and extreme symphonic hosting. In all minds is the souvenir of a Walter Lala being executed at midnight on New Year’s Eve, where Dj Boubou literally threw the dance floor on fire: “He came up to Kev and me,” quotes Russian, his Producer and Digital Enhancer, and said: “Guys, we gotta burn this house down. Everybody’s gotta be in boxers for the Walter Lala!!” So we get back on the dance floor, Dj Boubou prepares the next disc and once the present song is finished, he passes onto the second drive and launches the Walter. Automatically, a cheer rises from the fifty people present, who recognize the song with little difficulty: Dj Boubou’s mythical creations are well renowned. Kev waits for the breakpoint and turns off the lights, leaving only the multicolored spots and the disco ball and turns on the massive strobe light we had brought along for the occasion. The three of us tear our clothes off and start the trancic chanting. In a few seconds, everybody was screaming alongside us, in nothing but their underclothes for the entire six minutes!!! It was a massive display of what Kev calls “Dj Boubou Splendeur”. The party people told me their voice came back to normal only the following night!!

Ze Dj Boubou Himself though, has no preoccupation for his rising popularity. His ambition is not limited, but his goal is not supreme reconnaissance. Indeed, as he said to an interview by The Golden House Times, “I don’t seek fans. I don’t seek groupies. I only wanna share the passion of my life and search for that mythical trance piece that I’m certain I was made to discover! I can feel it.”