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Boss Axis

Suhl, Germany


Der Turnbeutel, Klang Gymnastik, Mangue Records
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In the summer of 2008, long-time DJ’s and producers Marc de Vole, Janero and Moneo decided to blend their different musical genres and founded the project “Boss Axis”. This name is a reference to the significance of music in their lives, because for the three artists, it is compensation for their stressful everyday lives. From the beginning the collaboration was fluent, and slowly but surely, the first demo tracks were produced. They wanted to create tracks which combine melodic and tech elements. After a few denials by record labels, their success was not long in coming. Soon the renowned label “Parquet Recordings” launched their first release, the “Axis” EP in digital format. Shortly after that, they launched their first vinyl, which is called “Sad Beauty”. During 2009, they came up with a few tracks which were very experimental. For example, they worked a lot with singers or electric guitarists. The results of those collaborations were well-received by the audience in several performances, although the musical style was a little bit different from their original sound. Having fun and being creative was always their top priority. Unfortunately, in late summer 2009, producer Moneo had to leave the team because of family reasons. From that point on, only two people would continue working on this project. By winter, they had produced three new tracks, which again proved popular in Norman Flaskamp’s label “Parquet Rec.”. This new EP was titled “Orlando”. As with the EP “Sad Beauty”, the A-side track became the name of the EP. Beginning this month, “Orlando” is in stores and is supported by some famous artists/DJ’s. The two men from Thuringia are very proud of this EP. Actual you can buy “Orange Loft” and “Think So” as digital releases!