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Boru T

Ljubljana, Slovenia


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Today, on the top list of Slovenian deejays! He works as a profesional deejay from the beginning of the 90’s.

His roots are spreading on all parts of the clubbing scene. Truthful admirer of house music is the powerful licence owner of well world wide known brand name HOUSE FM, which is respected amongst the world-famous deeyas, producers, record labels and booking agencies. Boru-T is also the founder and creator of the first clubbing radio show HOUSE FM in Slovenia, which is on the air for almoast 10 years. His radio show was successfuly represented in Ibiza and Miami in year 1998 and at that time he realized that he was going into the right direction. That’s why his show took part from the international point of view. From majority labels he has exclusive benefit for representing the brand new realeses.

The second radio show is CHILLOUT LAGUNE and CHILLOUT COFFE on the air for the past four years.

As organizer can praise himself with organization of more than 500 events in Adriatic region. He is working with the topmost and prestige companies in Slovenia, that supports the new generation and modern scene. Boru-T is really devoted in developing the clubbing scene and thats why he established 2001 association EMC (Electro Music Culture), which cares for promotion and growth of this culture. He is also searching new talents and gives them a chance to represent them under his brand name. Because of his reputation as constant challenge seeker, Red Bull Music Academy invited him in year 2006 to colloborate with them as Mister X. His new project for the year 2006 is opening his own booking agency, record label and internet radio.

Boru-T says: »It’s all about the music!«