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Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha started his musical education in his childhood. He was educated playing drums and keyboard which had been a perfect schooling for the following chapter – producing and performing electronic dance music. A former electronic radio show on Radio RPR MAXIMAL RPR1 piques his curiosity of this new and exciting kind of music that he fell in love with. From this time he began to express his creativity with his computer and with one of the first Cubase versions.

His first two releases, “Monster” and “Yellow Kitchen” had been released on the Berlin label Autist-Records. They both reached immediately the head of the download charts on many digital music platforms.

Boris Brejcha combines his sound with a maximum of variety which has no peer. Each song is some kind of its own adventure. Once in a relation with elements of electro, break beats, IDM, or sometimes with small Ambient parts. Because of the constant demand for more details, quality and originality he is always a small step ahead. Consequently, he became the "exceptional Talent 2007 "in the electronic music magazine

Boris Brejchas progressive musical development made him a constant favorite in today’s club scene. With his ambition and desire for new and experimental musical directions, he shows his audience again and again how exciting minimal techno can be – so much more than just simple. Boris Brejcha is much more than just a minimal techno Artists.

He is a Pinoeer!

No kind of music could describe his style, so he decided to create his own genre. “hightech minimal”. This genre was the first step into in a new era of electronic music.

Boris Brejcha releases on the labels Harthouse and Autist-Records. Among others, he produced several Remixes for labels such as Circle, Jesus Loved You, Hell Yeah, Sprout and many more.

Be aware of this extraordinary Artist – whenever you can -

Listen and Enjoy to his outstanding sounds.

He will blow your mind!