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Boogie B

United States

Electro House, House

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Boogie B started an infatuation with music since his childhood in the 1980′s. The sounds were very electronic at this time. Genres varied from Italo Disco to Freestyle to Rap. This young man knew music would always be a part of his life. While in High school he found the world of Djing and raves. This was the Mid 90′s and alot of the scene in Colorado was still underground, however it was thriving and very much alive. He found many friends and discovered he himself wanted to be a DJ.

Starting in 2002 with a pair of numark turntables, mixer, and some records, he started his learning on his own. The time was abundant for him to play and practice and he learned how to beatmatch, how to control his levels, and refine his style. He was playing Tribal House and Progressive House. These deep dark percussive beats thrived heavily in his early sets, Dark N Dirty, All Spun Out. His inspirations included Steve Lawler, Deep Dish, Digweed, and many many more.

Time went along and as the musical taste changed in the scene he did also. His musical taste shifted to Electroclash and Electrohouse. Artists like Miss Kittin, Laurent Garnier, and Tiga were some major influential pieces to his new flavor in his sets. Heavy synths and driving basslines were evident in his mixes, Digital Degenerate and Down the Foxxhole. Encompassing an eclectic range he would weave through these mixes taking you on a musical journey as he feels the music. Time passes again, and the electro sound is still thriving however he is growing and wants to play a new sound, Fidget and Dubstep. Boogie always loved a wobbly bassline, when UKG and Grime was running rampant in the early 2000′s he was defintely a follwer but the garage scene soon died and the sound was scarce until Fidget and Dubstep came.

In 2007 Boogie decided to go a 180 and just start anew. “WONK If Youre Horny” his first mix of 2007 and a fidget mix at that was remarked as a very high energy and great mix! The new sound was taking off and he started with a residency at The Underground Club in Colorado Springs for FUNKY FRESH Ent. Every Saturday Boogie would play and make new friends and expand his rapport as a local DJ. Soon other opportunities followed and he soon made a mark in Denver with Blingfaced playing Turned on Sundays @ Sutra. Boogie is now a resident DJ for Funky Fresh Ent and Vertigo Ent out of Denver, CO.

Since he has become known as one of Colorados Favorite Locals he has played many clubs, parties, and burner events. Whether Boogie is dropping some Grimey Dubstep in a warehouse or bangin Tribal House on Mainfloor of BETA, he will definetely get you movin to the beat.