Bonn Lewis Beatport


Bonn Lewis is the production / DJ pseudonym of Ben Wilson from England.

Bonn Lewis doesn’t tie himself down to one specific style, and although grounded in electronic dance music he flirts with uplifting, melodic trance, progressive and big room electro.

Bonn Lewis is going from strength to strength with original and remix material been released aswell as sample pack production in full swing.

His sound is always evolving as are his live sets in which he uses live electronics and various controllers to re-work, remix and mash up tracks on the fly. And his first ever live performance / DJ set gained him residency at all Rusty Hat promoted events in the UK.

Ben has been set in the music world with live performance from the age of 13, playing a multitude of instruments with a wide range of bands and projects, across the UK and Europe. As a musician he’s also known for his drumming in the Electro-Folk supergroup Black Diamond Bay, aswell as guitar playing and song writing in the mammoth funk hip hop group Freyed Knot.

Ben is also a mastering / mixing engineer working for Sinoptic Music records and independently.