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BON FINIX >> Progressive Generation DJ

Background Data

Bon Finix’s progressive headquarters are based in the heart of Europe, in a magic city codenamed Prague. A thorough background check of his personal electronic files revealed that he is an European citizen with Cypriot and Czech roots, born just before the 80s rolled in.

Initial contact with DJ/EDM

Bon’s first ever contact with the exciting world of DJing came in the form of radio DJ controller in 1996AD. The new millennium came to reveal the concept of the electronic dance music scene and quickly molded Bon Finix into another youngster obsessed with mixing up beats pressed on 12" wax plates.

The 1st steps

From the very beginning Bon wanted to be a progressive DJ. Therefore at first he experimented with Progressive House, but quickly realized that there were sounds out there that had an even more progressive edge. At that point his attention was grabbed by a new emerging style dubbed Wet & Hard. Influenced by two of the pioneers of this movement, Corvin Dalek and Michael Burian, he constantly kept searching for fresh exciting sounds.

Current Direction

Equipped with the trait of open-mindedness, Bon Finix has explored various sub-sections of the electronic dance spectrum. At the current stage of his career, he is capable of serving up sets on two different levels:

Level A> Energetic House spiced up with Tribal and Electro sounds

Level B> Progressive beats occasionally overflowing into Tech-Trance territory

In many cases Bon will incorporate Level B elements into his Level A sets, and vice versa. His experience has shown that combining various styles into sets, subsequently creates a more colorful and interesting experience, which is received positively by the modern-age clubber. In order to satisfy forward-thinking club-goers, there is a need for such progressive generation DJs.


Bon’s flexibility and capability to adjust his sets according to venue size and crowd response makes him a valuable DJ for a whole range of spots that pump out electronic dance music. Over the years he has spun his vinyl at clubs of various sizes, boat parties out at sea, open air events, late-night after-clubs, beach-front bars, and once in a newly-built film studio. He has had the honor to share a DJ-booth with internationally established DJs like Nick Warren, Jazzy M, and Chris Cowie to name just a few.


The year 2004 secured Bon Finix a residency at Prague’s renowned House club Mecca, offered him the after-hour madness of DJing as a resident at Studio 54’s after parties, and gave him his first ever festie gig – none other than Creamfields 2004 in the Czech Republic. Other highlights include his guest appearances at the infamous parties Visage and Mixer in Prague’s legendary club Roxy, as well as, an unforgettable boat party off the shores of Cyprus, alongside Get Fucked loony Nathan Coles.

Welcome Future

Bon’s juicy twist of warm Mediterranean and sexy East European soundz has won approval from the new generation of clubbers. As Bon Finix takes on the mission of entertaining the masses into 2000+5, prepare for yet another progressive-rockin’ journey!

Additional Data…

Floating somewhere in cyber world are Bon Finix’s on-line progressive headquarters. Access it’s unknown location by logging onto

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