Dj Boldy (Sylwester Zdobylak), music & movie producer (an authorization was given by the Chairman of the Committee of Film Industry on 15th December 1992). His adventure... read more


Location: Wroclaw, Poland Poland
Genre: House, Trance

Dj Boldy (Sylwester Zdobylak), music & movie producer (an authorization was given by the Chairman of the Committee of Film Industry on 15th December 1992).

His adventure with music began very innocently from music sets for a tv program called “Sonda” (“Probe”), well-known in the 80s (Jean Michele Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Isao Tomita etc.)

He was fascinated and interested in various kinds of music from psychedelic till folk, and also metal, punk rock, disco, black, jazz, house, electro etc.

All the music experiments were not strange for him, too.

He became a dj in August 1980. As he said: “I became a dj by a chance. My older sister had djs among her friends and someday they had a party. And they needed the substitute. They had a good time and I was playing. They only showed me how and what to do and what to play”.

During so many years of his work he appeared and played with such stars of techno & house music as: Carl Cox, Westbam, Scooter, Moguai, Marc Et Claude, Sammy, 4 Strings, Caba Kroll, Mario Lopez, Tonka, Quicksilver, Michale Parlsberg (Safri Duo), Brooklyn Bounce etc.

Since 1994 he was tied with the chain of clubs called KAZAMATY, for eight years. He met many interesting people of music branch. Since 1997 he was known as DJ Boldy.

Together with DJ Alien created Alien & Boldy Duet. Thanks to Alien, he appeared on the music scene as a music producer, connected with the record company called HIT’N’HOT. They released together the following singles: Driver, Time for Techno, People, BeeGes, Revolution, Once Again, Upper Feelings, Heart and remix of a single – Life is Live for German performer named REANIMATOR.

Since 2001 he tied also with the record company My Sweet Music.

His interests are not strictly musical but most of them are connected with media and so-called show business.

He collaborated with the radio and TV since the beginning of the 80s.

And he made music for all-Polish Workshops – Diaporama 1 and 2 in the 80s. He created his own Agency of Advertising (Video – Studio S-7) and he made productions for TV, among others for Private TV ECHO and TV5 (which nowadays is called TV3).

He had his own program on Kolobrzeg Radio. He made music for selections of Miss Elite Model Look in 1998 and music for selections of Miss Polonia in Australia in 1999 and also for fashion shows in 1997-2000 (Gdansk). He collaborated with JAZZ Music (Zbigniew Puchalski).

As a guest he took part in programs such as: POWER DANCE, DANA TOP (TV Polsat). He appeared on the screen in TVN and RTL7, too. For a couple of years he has given his own TOP 5 for the Dj’s Night on the Radio Dla Ciebie (Radio For You). He was a juror on Polish Championships DMC. He worked as a dj on the radio KLAKSON 106.1 in Wroclaw. He took part in three editions VIVA CLUB ROTATION and FROM WEST TO EAST DJ’S TOUR 2002 where he played with the stars mentioned above.

All successes are very hard to count. One of the most important is fact that his single “Rock The Place” became number one of radio charts and “Stop Time” was number one for 29 weeks on TOP 20 DANCE CHART on the radio RMI in Poznan.

“Rock The Place” and “Stop Time” were released on the vinyl by his own record company Boldy-Records. His single “In Trance” became number one in Germany, on the German MP3 Charts, it became also the powerplay on the radio KISS FM in Poznan.

As he said, one of the most important event for him was taking part in Beach Party Sopot 2004 in Sopot, where were over 30,000 people.

On 11th April he released the long awaited medley called Boldy Club Traxx vol.1.

Now he has prepared next single. And as he promises remixes for it will be made by one of the well-known Dutch djs.