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Dj BoBo, also known as My Quyen, began her Dj career in 1997 at the age 18 in Saigon city, VN. She quickly rose in ranks and created a name for herself in the underground, soon to break through onto clubs, international gigs, television and radio of MTVAsia.

Dj BoBo was known as a trance dj for her first half of her career but since 2002, she has immersed herself into House and most exclusively plays tribal house and progressive house. However, when called upon her versatility allows her to all genres of electronic dance music. Whether it is House or Trance, she is known to always keep the dance floor moving.

In 2003, she won the first title of the best Dj competition hosted by Thirst Heineken Music in Vietnam. She has performed with Paul Oakenfold at Rainforest Club after she won number 1 DJ title and inspired by his talents. Soon Dj BoBo has appeared on television series of MTV Asia Urban Dance in Malaysia followed by the Best DJ competition in Southeast Asia. There she has played an awesome House set and got a big welcome from the crowd. Even though she was place the 2nd after the HK DJ in the competition, her music style is best known by many of the top acts industry including Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and many more. In 2004 she toured around the country for the first time hosted by Thirst Heineken. She was a residence at Rain Forest club. Dj BoBo has made her into a name to be reckoned with on the global level. With only a dream, raw ambition and her talent, Dj BoBo takes her sound of tribal progressive house headlining through out the country all over South and North VN. Taking the formula of staying true to herself, Dj BoBo’s style, flawless mixing and superb track selection makes her stand out from the rest. From winning the first place of Best talent DJ of 2003 contest in VN to her debut appearance on MTV Asia Urban Music Dance interview in 2004 being caned by many of the top progressive DJs. Dj BoBo has proven to be accomplished as a DJ. She is now holding the residence at one of the hottest dance floor in Vietnam names New Century Club in Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam.

With respect for her talent and determination coming from DJs, producers and fans around the world, there’s no telling how far she will go. Dj BoBo is a testament of hard work, perseverance and a person who has single handedly made herself what she is today. Expect to see big things coming Dj BoBo way as she is a rare combination of talent, ambition, and beauty.