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Dj Bobby has always been a musician at heart. Growing up during the 70s in post-cultural revolution China, where the only music listened to was either folk music or communist/politically influenced (and anything with any inclination towards love was frowned upon); Bobby learnt to express his passion for music by joining the school band. By the time he reached university he could no longer contain this passion. Every evening, whilst his classmates had their heads buried in books, Bobby would sneak out from his dorm, and, with his guitar slung over one shoulder, head to the local bars. He was not only the guitarist in a band he was also the lead singer. For several years he and his band (who never thought to name themselves) played in bars around Xian until one life changing night when Bobby set foot inside a newly established club.

Up until 1994 club culture was virtually non-existent in China, even in underground circles. Only 10 years prior to this anyone caught listening to pop music was branded a rebel! But in 1994 things began to change and clubs began to open around China. Just one glance at what lay within these walls and Bobby knew that he was meant to be a part of it. A few months later Bobby was quickly becoming one of the hottest DJs around and had landed himself a job in the second largest club in China – Club Didu. During these early years there were very few Chinese DJs around. Most clubs hired Filipino DJs and it was from these international DJs that Bobby was influenced the most. They shared with him their passion for music, their desires to influence the clubbers with their tunes and they also taught him how to read the crowds.

Having learnt the basics DJ Bobby decided he wanted to hit the road and share his passion for music with others. He spent the next couple of years traveling around China, DJing in Shanghai, Beijing, Cheng Du and Hang Zhou. In 1996 he decided it was time to head home and stay put for a while. In doing so he was able to spend more time developing his own personal music style. The very first club he worked in gladly welcomed him back and between 1996 and 2005 he worked in Xian’s top clubs – Club Didu, House, 1+1 and Night Cat.

In 1998 DJ Bobby hosted a radio show for 6 months in which he was able to share his love of music with the millions. During these months he helped spark an interest in club culture amongst the listeners and introduced to them a wildly new scene.

The following year he set up a DJ association which attracted around 50 local Chinese DJs. Through this he was further able to promote dance music and expand the club culture in a fairly closed and traditional city. He also provided classes for aspiring young DJs.

In 2001 DJ Bobby worked together with one of China’s most talented guitarists, Gao Song, and produced quite a selection of underground electron music. This style of music was popular amongst DJs and the new rich.

2004 through to early 2005 saw DJ Bobby back at 1+1, not only as a resident DJ, but also as the club’s promoter. He successfully organized over 10 parties featuring international DJs from as far and wide as Belgium, UK, America and Germany and his dreams of shaping a solid club culture, within what once was a closed city were finally being realized.

In 2005 & 2006 DJ Bobby played at several Bump parties in Auckland, NZ. These experiences and getting to know the likes of NZ house DJs Ange, Magik Johnson (UK) and Karn inspired Bobby to carry the western party spirit back to China.