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Bobby V.

Hengelo, Netherlands

Hard Dance

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Bobby V. Beatport


Bobby V. (real name Bob Vervoort) was one of last years newcomers in the hard dance scene. With performances at Multigroove, Hardventure, E-Fect and Volume he surprised everybody!

He has a great talent for spinning different styles, though they have to be hard, pumping and uplifting.

The best way to describe his style is actually plain simple: the ultimate Harddance. His motto is: “All styles… All hard…”

The man has a high speed of mixing, that blows the public away every time he performs before them.

That’s why at this moment he is called one of 2004’s most promising artists. Bobby V. is the resident and promoter of the very popular German Hardstyle mega-club the Bridge and was in 2003 seated resident on the Multigroove events.

Now also foreign promoters are impressed by the performance he gives and is he traveling all over the world.

Japan, Switzerland, U.K., Rumania, Germany, Austria and Spain were some of the countries he went to play. This years highlight until now is; a tour in Japan of which his performance with Scot Project and Yoji Biomehanika at sunrise on “GIGA” in superclub Velfarre was absolutely massive!

It was not the first time he played with those guys. Just in his own club the Bridge, he plays frequently with names like Tom Harding, Don Diablo, Dana, Daniele Mondello, Technoboy and many more.

One of the highlights in this club are his two-monthly solo nights in which he performs for 8 hours straight. Here he finds the perfect balance between past, present and future to make his audience go crazy and if you think its reached its limits he goes through the roof and beyond.

Playing at this year’s bigger festivals in Holland like Impulz Outdoor, No Bullshit and Volume the bigger audience now knows Bobby V’s extravagant way of mixing.

As a producer he is known as Bobby V, B.v.R., Chemicalheadz and Bosa System and hitting the charts in Germany, Japan and U.K.

Feel that all his experiences make it a pleasure to watch him give the audience an energetic boost through his music and performance.