Musical "Triple Threat" Bobby Anthony has had a special connection with music early on. Born Robert Anthony Luera (Castaneda) to young teenage parents, Bobby spent most of ... read more
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Musical “Triple Threat” Bobby Anthony has had a special connection with music early on. Born Robert Anthony Luera (Castaneda) to young teenage parents, Bobby spent most of his childhood with his Grandfather, whom he affectionately calls “Papa”. During this time he was exposed to their vast collection of every R&B song ever recorded. Bobby admits to stealing his Tías cd’s and tapes so that he could lip-sync to the music he was growing to love. At the age of 5, Bobby found a musical idol and inspiration in the legendary late Ritchie Valens after first watching the movie “La Bamba”. This movie left such a strong impression on Bobby that he watched the movie every night with admiration and the desire to emulate the musical talents that Ritchie Valens showed the world in his short life.

“I admire Ritchie Valens’ Drive and matter what he was going through in life he still made the best of it, and created great music "

It is said that the test of a true artist is how he handles life, both its ups and its downs. Bobby Anthony is no different. Tragedy struck two months before the birth of Bobby Anthony when his maternal grandmother passed away. In 1991, Bobby’s father was murdered. Being a young man forced to deal with a loss so close, Bobby began to rebel and was eventually kicked out of school. What may have been a bad thing may have actually been a blessing in disguise. Bobby started school at a private Catholic school and became involved in the “Mothers Against Gangs” program. It was in this program that he met Ziggy (Nb Ridaz) whom he later found out he was related to. Through this meeting he began to perform and DJ at all Church events. He also began to learn how to produce using Ziggy’s drum machine and more importantly, he found his PASSION! No longer feeling the need to rebel and cause trouble, Bobby put his heart and soul into music. Having found his calling, Bobby began to save money and was able to purchase his own drum machine on his 12th birthday. He also began to meet and work with numerous Latin Hip-Hop Stars at that time allowing him to further hone his musical and production skills.

In 1997, Bobby formed the R&B group ReQuest. He was responsible for writing and producing most of the material performed by the group. To help Bobby and his group pursue their goals and dreams, Bobby’s (Late) Grandmother Vivian purchased brand new and expensive studio equipment. During this time, Bobby was also able to work with and produce records for well known artists such as Baby Bash, Nb Ridaz, Brown Boy, and Shade Shiest just to name a few. Bobby also received the title of “Most Likely To Be in His Own Music Video” in his High School. Unfortunately, in 2001 ReQuest parted ways and Bobby decided to take a break from music. Bobby admits that this period of time was miserable for him because he knew he needed music in his life.

“Without music in my life…there is a void. Music is my getaway…my outlet”.

In 2004, with a new name and renewed desire to get back to what he loved, Bobby, now using the name R.L. Muzik got back to work. He produced Brown Boy’s hit single “Next To You” which was also featured on the Pocos pero locos “Cyber Bangers” album. In addition, he also worked on several tracks for West Coast Legend Shade Shiest as well as tracks for Nb Ridaz. Bobby also worked on the first music album of porn star Sky Lopez.

2005 was the year of the collaboration with Zig Zag (Nb Ridaz) who Bobby shared a house with. The collaboration, appropriately dubbed “The Roomies” included an album that Bobby and Zig Zag recorded together and several shows performed together throughout the Southwest during 2005 and 2006. During this time, Bobby ventured out and began work on his solo album.

“I never thought after my group split, that I would ever be doing a solo album. But after going through so much in my life…I had to let it out some way”.

During 2006 and in to 2007 Bobby went through another musical transformation. He adopted a new look, a new name, and a new attitude. Now working under the name “Bobby Anthony”, he put an enormous amount of energy into his highly anticipated debut album producing 80% of the project himself. He also made his presence known in the industry by performing shows in various areas and having 3 of his songs played in regular rotation at different radio stations. This, along with sharing the stage with many big name and legendary artists such as Baby Bash, Paul Wall, Frankie J, Too Short, Zapp, Brenten Wood, Nb Ridaz and more has helped to make Bobby Anthony a new face in Latino Hip-Hop and R&B.

“I am not doing music to get rich and famous. I just know that a lot of people can relate and go through many of the same things I have. And if I can help make more sense of their situations in musical form…so be it.”

“My ultimate goal is to just write and produce songs so after a couple of albums I can take a step back and find my own artists.”

If the strong fan base that he has on his MySpace page is any indicator, Bobby Anthony is already helping his fans through his musical offerings and gaining some fame. Although getting rich and being famous isn’t his goal don’t be surprised when this triple threat songwriter/producer/artist achieves just that!

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Bio written by Kesha Freeman for Butterfly Fiend Publishing ©2007

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