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Bob Sinclar

Paris, France


AKA: Christophe Le Friant

1633, 2010, 541
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Bob Sinclar is a figment of the imagination of “Chris The French Kiss” the 31 year old Paris DJ behind club hits like “Gymtonic”, “The Ghetto” and the recent smash “I Feel For You”. “Bob is an alter ego for me” he says. “It was important for me to have fun and relive that disco era. So I wanted to invent a character who was like a porn star or a disco hero or a spy – a James Bond parody, but cool, like the Fonz”. "I was into music from the first time I saw a DJ play two records together at Le Palace. It was the happiest time of my life : hearing Todd Terry “Can You Party” and Eric B and Rakim, “I Know You Got Soul”, ŽSo I got into hip hop". In 1994 Chris started the influential Yellow Productions, with his friend DJ Yellow. Signing artists like Dimitri From Paris, they were the first French label to branch out into the funky disco groove that we came to recognize as the mid 90s French sound. By 1998 he was moving away from acid jazz with his own Bob Sinclar project and released his debut LP on Yellow, causing dancefloor hysteria with the Jane Fonda – sampling “Gymtonic” and the deep soulful groove of “The Ghetto”.

Now, two years later with “Champs ElysÈes” he’ moved on to a more sophisticated sound that’ aiming for more than just dancefloor popularity. “The first album was just a set of tracks”, he admits now. “I hurried to get it out. It was not thought out as an album. This album I did over one whole year from A-Z”. And it shows.