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Blue Daisy

London, United Kingdom

Black Acre Records
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Kwesi Darko a.k.a Blue Daisy has been a name fluttering about for a while, first found his breakthrough via pioneering DJ and living musical Heroine Mary-Anne Hobbs over a year ago now and having been championed by many as UK’s answer to Flylo he prefers to stick with “UK’s Answer? No, Just a London boy with a passion for music” and this clear as a blue sky in his sound, creating music that is so forward thinking it can leave you pretty confused as to if this is really a brain of a 24 year old at work or a far more experienced individual..

His music influences stem from everything such as hip-hop to gospel, Grime to Dubstep, psyche rock to drone, Black Sabbath to Pink Floyd and more, far to many to mention. A young artist in his own domain without a doubt and a man with a lot more surprises up his sleeve for the future. 2011 will also see his debut LP release, “The Sunday Gift” via Black Acre featuring guest appearences from the likes of the critically acclaimed vocalist Heidi Vogel(Cinematic Orchestra) , Wah Wah 45′s Stac and more.. Keep Watch, this is no one hit wonder”

One of London’s best kept secrets, Blue Daisy. (