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Montreal, Canada


AKA: Anstascia D'elene & Vivie Ann Bakos

Get Physical Music, Kompakt, Mile End Records
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Whether they’re dressed as kung-foo fighters or armed with bubble-blowing toy guns, the BLOND:ISH DJ duo is always entertaining. This double act recipe is made up of Djs Vivie-Ann and Anstascia who not only play wicked music but also know how to throw a memorable party. BLOND:ISH creates an unforgettable experience as they corrupt the dance floor with their mix of electronic vocal house with underlying tech elements. Their style is versatile as they can command crowds internationally from “models and bottles” clubs to more modest underground venues.

When they first met in Montreal in 2006, the pair discovered they had a lot in common. Not only are they both obsessed with music, traveling the world, and fine dining, they love to entertain. It was at the Winter Music Conference in Miami that the two came up with the idea of DJing together. Fate had it that everything that week was very ISH. They instantly put two and two, and in 2008 became BLOND:ISH.

With the continuous support of their Blondtourage, these fun loving girls have already established themselves as residents in many Montreal venues. Between the two of them they have performed in clubs all over the world such as hot spots in Mexico, Rio, Miami and Ibiza. Their unfailing ambition has even led them to perform in front of 8,000 crazed party-goers at an outdoor rave in Montreal and play alongside A-list DJs like Tiesto, Victor Calderone, and Mandy.

But don’t confuse these blondes’ spontaneous attitudes for a lack of focus. BLOND:ISH are workaholics who have done what many want to do — turned their passions into a profession. Although playtime is a priority, you will constantly find this creative duo hard at work in the production studio.

There is something empowering about the way Blond:Ish handles their take on life and music. It’s a debaucherous lets get dirty and let loose attitude. So grab your bleach, or your wig, and get ready to go Blonde, Blond:ish that is.