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Bless Roxwell

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Bless Roxwell had been seeking an understanding of the Divine from a very early age. It began as a thirst for knowledge, in the analytical sense, with her intuition always confirming what she already subconsciously knew. After her full awakening in 2012, the search for the Divine became internal as she realized that all work begins first with the SELF. This truth began her travels down the rabbit hole where she explored various healing modalities and holistic SELF growth teachings. But as she continued on her journey she discovered, and found that others were also experiencing, a unique issue: how do you live an awakened and aware life but also still function in today’s society?

Bless Roxwell aims to ease the juxtaposition of this material world and your “awakened” life through different energy work at LifeBEam Energetics, which she started in 2014. The name LifeBEam Energetics comes from Bless’s belief that we are all BEings (or BEams) of light on this plane. Energetics encompasses all she offers in the forms of Reiki healing, Workshops, Guided Meditation, and launching in September 2016, Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching. Her methods include mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.