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Blazing Hips

Los Angeles, United States

Indie Dance / Nu Disco


Blazing Hips is an indie-pop duo from Los Angeles with a curious fixation on the animal kingdom. Formed in 2013, The group has already produced two fauna-pop favorites; “Wolf” and “Cheetah”

Employing a veritable zoo of sounds- fuzzy vocals, groovy bass, bombastically retro synths, drum machines and tambourines, Blazing Hips makes 4-minutes-and-under safaris into the jungle of retro edged pop, emerging as a final earworm chorus brings things to an almost too-soon close.

Blazing Hips is Nicholas Tashjian and Kelvin Stewart. Nick goes to bed at a reasonable hour and always wears comfortable shoes. Kelvin likes weak tea, saltines, and a warm bath. Both can be found at Blazing Hips shows around the LA area, or working on forthcoming releases.