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The crucial moment in Lorenzo’s musical life was at the end of the 80’. He used to be the guitarist in a punk band of his hometown in Tuscany, but the discovery of a new thing coming from Chicago convinced him to drop the guitar and start on an AKAI S900 sampler. From this moment he radically changed his idea of music and started searching for his personal way of composing and producing it.

Some years later he was in London where he found a job in the recording studio owned by Charlie Boskic (former bass player of the legendary 70’s band Silver Convention) and where he started his experience as a music producer.

He worked on many projects and started many collaborations,among others a drum & bass project with the African singer Anna Mwale. In this studio he also did his first remix (Sun Brothers – Tell Me What) produced by Fathers of Sounds and released on Roberto Zanetti’s label DWA.

Lorenzo came in touch with some other important labels such as Botchit & Scarper and Kingsize Records, he also met Dino Lenny who convinced him to set up his first set as a DJ. The first important festival he played was “Dentro la Galassia” in 1999 in Italy where

he opened the night to Kingsize’s Meat Katie and Outcast.

Since then he has never stopped, he produces music under many different names and works with the best dance labels in Europe such as Ocean Trax, Rise, Edel, Afro Art, Re-Vox and many others. As a dj he has recently been the first italian artist to play in Shanghai in places already been visited by Guy Man from Daft Punk, Smoking Joe, Jack de Marseille, Lisa Loud, Jef K, Cyril K and Stephane Pompougnac. He has also been spotted many times at Blag Club in London, a cozy place where Cosmo, Faze Action, Glenn Gunner and Maurice Fulton have been guests.