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DJ Blade a.k.a. DJ Josh Blade began spinning in 1992. It all started when his high school Jazz band needed to purchase a sound system and they asked him for his input being an audiophile. After assisting with the purchase, he was asked to being spinning for high school dances as the official high school DJ even though the school had a lack of dances. He also had the lack of quality turntables and mixers. Manual CD players and one or two belt driven Technics was all he needed. He once spun for a 24 hour dance-a-thon for his local key club.

Entering into college, DJ Blade started into the club scene by applying for a part time job at a medium sized club that could hold around 800 people in a town located near Eastern Illinois. A club that mostly listened to Disco, AC/DC, and old euro gave him quite the challenge to turn that place into one of the best clubs in Central Illinois by breaking door count records on Saturday nights. Before he knew it, his client began to change for the better and they grew extremely close to the Chicago House music that he introduced. Due to music restrictions at this club, he moved on to better his career at the best dance club in Charleston, IL which catered to Eastern Illinois University. Stu’ is where he met DJ Tommyboy, DJ Sweet, DJ Bee, DJ NoSaJ, and DJ Euphoria. Stu’ had a comfortable atmosphere where Blade could play anything that pumped up the crowd without a club owner breathing down his back. The crowd wanted exactly what Blade wanted, everything but AC/DC and disco. DJ Josh Blade worked with DJ Tommyboy and DJ Sweet to compile some of the most progressive dance play lists and mixes that this college town had ever heard. Perfecting his beatmatching and harmonic mixing was a goal that was easily achieved with the excellent environment and peers.

In June of 1999, DJ Josh Blade moved up to Chicago, the Windy City to further his career in both computers and DJ’ing. While in Chicago, Blade spun at multiple clubs with his partner in music, DJ TommyBoy. Most of the club gigs were circuits with promoters such as Tommy L, Paco (Zarate), and others. Infected locations such as Subterranean, Rapture, Strega Nona, Sauce, Iron Mike Ditkas, Club World, Club X.O., Cafe Dolce/Rendez-Vous, and others for over 3 years.

Recently, DJ Josh Blade has moved on out to Orange County, south of Los Angeles, CA. Orange County does not have the dominant club scene but he is willing to make his impression and spread his talent.