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Philadelphia, United States



Known as:

DJ Blackwidow or DJ BlackWidow (preferred)

but often listed on events as: DJ Black Widow

DJ Style: Dark EBM Industrial Noize

DJ since 1988 to current

First dj-ed at WFIT 89.5 College Radio Station in Melbourne, Florida as DJ Morticia.

Later Began djing as “Blackwidow” in 1995 in the night club circuit in New Orleans, LA every Friday and Saturday night at “The Crystal”. In later years, favorite gigs included dj-ing in NYC every Saturday night as a resident DJ in the Limelight’s HR Giger Room for “Zenwarp” and in Philadelphia as a resident DJ for Sin Thursday, Refraktion, and now Assimilate.

Guest dj-ed across the US and Canada in various goth and industrial club events and festivals:

Festivals and Special Events DJ-ed:

- Kinetik in 2011

= Anne Rice Vampire Ball 1994, New Orleans

Club Nights DJ-ed as Resident or Guest (incomplete list):

“Defcon NYC”; “Stimulate”, NYC; “Smack”, NYC; “Absolution” NYC; “Bound NY”, NYC; “Bound DC”, Washington, DC; “Sin Thursday”, NJ; “Sin Thursday”, Philadelphia; “Assimilate”, Philadelphia; “Asylum 13”, Delaware; “Vampire Ball”, Philadelphia; “Nocturne”, Philadelphia; “I Love Industrial”, Philadelphia; “Sin-O-Matic”, Boston, MA; “The Crypt”, New Orleans; “Contempt”, NYC"; “Refraktion”, Philadelphia; “Diabolique”, Philadelphia; “Libertine Ball” , Philadelphia;

Venues DJ-ed (incomplete list):

“The Limelight”, NYC.; “Pyramid Nightclub”, NYC; “Masquerade”, Atlanta; “The Crystal”, New Orleans; “The Angel”, New Orleans; “Mojo 13”, Delaware; “Transit Nightclub”, Philadelphia; “XO Lounge”, Philadelphia; “La Nouvelle Justine”, NYC; “The Bank”, NYC; “Mother”, NYC; “The Frying Pan”, NYC; “QXTs”, Newark, NJ; “Arts Garage”, Philadelphia; “CBGBs”, NYC;

Cities DJ-ed:

Melbourne, Fl; New Orleans, LA; Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Atlanta, GA; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; New York, New York; Williamsburg, Brooklyn,NY; Montreal, CA; Boston, MA; Newark, NJ;

Music Formats:

vinyl, cd, digital/mp3

Music Genres: EBM, Industrial, Noise, Goth, New Wave, Darkwave, Acid House, New Beat