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Black Girl White Girl

Tel Aviv, Israel

Electronica, House

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When two music enthusiasts based in Tel Aviv, Berlin & Amsterdam come together to create BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL, the result is something even greater than the sum of its formidable parts.

When the pair first met in Amsterdam in 2012, they discovered that they had a lot in common. Not only are they both obsessed with music, gaming, and horror movies, they are crazy about sharing their passions with the world. It was when they unexpectedly met again in Tel Aviv in 2013, that fate decided they were to be BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL.

The duo met just one years ago, bonding over their love of electronic music and the technical machinery used to create it. “We love to dig into the technical aspect of DJing. But then again, we were the kind of children that used to take apart anything held together by screws and wires”.

Armed with technical flair and an exhilarating onstage presence, BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL effortlessly blend UK bass and 2-step beats with upbeat house chord progressions and electro infused synths, underlined by their own musical heritage of classic house and soul.

BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL is something far from the quintessential stereotype. Their creative and fun-loving personalities come paired with a deadly passion to turn their dreams into their profession.

With the release of their monthly series of mouthwatering mixes that started in July 2013 and their forthcoming EP, BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL sets out to start a blistering fire of excitement and enthusiasm. They are out to prove that their combined musical knowledge, outgoing personalities and tastemaking ability will transcend onto dancefloors across the globe.