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Black Domino a name which makes you think to casinos, luxury, summer and parties, is the new refreshing project from Steve Delrez and Mark Wagner.

This project started during the year 2007 when the two producers met on myspace and decided to produce a first track called " Switch " together. Soon, a second track provisory called “Domino” came to birth. With a strong and hypnotising “summer” strings riff as main theme, they decided that this track could be magnified with vocals. Fortunately, they soon met Lydia (also vocalist for the 2M project), who’s beautiful lyrics and vocals fitted the song perfectly. Black Domino with this second track, renamed " Feel your love " is now ready to make you dance with this unique iberian feeling ’til the end of the night !

“Feel your love” is now supported & playlisted by djs like Dj Miss Nine, Dj Heddy Templaar, Dj Dave Lambert, Dj Nothink, Dj Frank Savannah, Dj Eleana, Dj Laurent Schark, Dj Oli Soquette, Dj Miss Gwen, Dj Amaury Lesplinglart, Iris Dee Jay, Dj Babyrox, Dj Raize, Dj C. Smooth, Dj Steve Forget, Djane Helen Brown, Dj Georg, Dj Martin Diercikx, ….

Stay tuned and thanks to all for support !!!!