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Beijing, China

House, Progressive House

Beijing Yun
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The creative electronic musician, BJY. In August 2012, his first EP was published and named after his label “Beijing Yun”. Then LI lei became a producer and was given the nickname “BJY” by his fans.

Born and raised in Beijing, Li Lei has been active in all the famous clubs in Beijing since 1996, starting with the alias “DJ Dan”. He found his true inspiration for music in 2000 when he encountered the Techno style in Club Orange. Then he started his own label “E-SEA”together with a good friend DJ Leslie Jaycee. And he successfully carried out the “Back to Back 1st Time In China” Party in Club Orange, as the first DJ who introduced the “Back to Back” style into China.

As the No.1 DJ in Bar Blu, he set a miracle of influencing the music played by all the bars along the Sanlitun Street in 2003. He joined the biggest club in Beijing—Tango Club and played with many famous DJ from the world in 2004. In 2005, he changed his alias to William and joined the F2 Club in Shangri-la Hotel. In 2011, he was invited to play in the KAMA Love Music Festival in Beijing. Then he started his own label “Beijing Yun”.

Besides playing music in clubs, he also takes commercial projects. He played in publicity campaigns and fashion shows for Louis Vuitton, Audi and BMW. In 2008 he was invited to the DJ for the Slovenska House & Holland House party during the Olympics. In 2012 he became the designated DJ in the 5-Country United Great Wall Party.

He has been craving to create something different, some unique sound. With the hope and love for life, he started wandering about all the streets in Beijing, trying to catch his inspiration and started his way in producing. And then his label Beijing Yun-BJY came into being.

On Oct.7 2012 , his new song “Angel, Give me One More Chance” will meet the public.