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Bjoern Mulik

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Tech House, Techno

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When the in Kenya grown up dj stands behind his tables and celebrates his vision of electronic music it´s not hard to get carried away by the rhythm against your own ratio and you end up finding youself in an exstatic dance.

With a fascinating delight in playing Bjoern Mulik switches the vinyl, synchronises the beats, turns the potis, refreshes minimal tracks with progressive tunes and turns hard techno into filigree atmosphere.

For him there are no boundaries. His musical consciousness reaches much further then a genre can verbalize. His dj-sets at all times find to an electrifying end. No wonder the frankfurt-techno-metropolis-born Bjoern Mulik is one of the most remarkable deejays of the era Dorian Gray.

Bjoern Mulik revives the soul of E-music in the nineties and transforms with his style the spirit of modern electronic music.


Bjoern born in Frankfurt spends his childhood in Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Very early he discovers his passion for music. Inspired by mix-tapes of the early 80´s he starts mixing records and soon he turns his conventional DJ-mixes into mega-mixes. A mix of rap, funk, soul of the 70´s and 80´s as well as the new sound named house including all its genres, a style that influences him until this very moment. For him there are no boundaries. His musical consciousness reaches much further then a genre can verbalize.

1988 Bjoern moves to Kenyan capitol Nairobi for four years. A new world for him that displays novel cultures forming his personality, fascinating and touching his soul until today. After a short period of time the passionate DJ spins his sets weekly at peak-time in hip club “Bubbles” and soon he plays nation wide. 1991 he wins the “All Kenyan DJ Competition” broadcasted on national broadcaster KTN.

Back in Germany he finds his way in the club scenery of Frankfurt. He becomes well-known through his long-lasting residency at legendary Dorian Gray in the basement of Frankfurt International Airport. Bjoern is decisively conducive to the spread and the transportation of electronic dance music and one of the early pioneers of Tech-house in Germany. Performances at great festivals like the Love Parade and the Street Parade, playing clubs around the globe, airplays at Germany´s famous radio-show HR3 Clubnight, his contribution to the Dorian Gray Mix-CD; these are only a few steps along his journey that eternize his personality in the squad of EDM-DJs.

At the same time Bjoern dives into the world of recording studios visiting SAE for audio engineering. He charts with remixes and increasingly spends time on co-operated productions as well as his own. The logical consequence to this development is the label Royal Biscuit which offers him as well as other artists a platform to self-actualise themselves and their ideas hence building a network of creative heads.

Bjoern Mulik has released his long awaited album “The DNS Biscuits”. Purchase it on commmon platforms or at special offer at !!!






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