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Started in 2002 influenced by Techno parties on Brasil, and after a long period working on making electronic music events and parties, the brazillian duo Bitch Bros, reflects exactly the age of fulltime entertainment and sex appeal we live now: Videogames, internet, movies, tv, cartoons, magazines and all kinds of media.

The style created by them is hard, involving and dancing with progressive and trancy elements blended with the strength of Groovy/Funky Techno and combined together with a powerfull live presentation, with floor feeling and involving rhythm.

Represented in full time by MARCELO ANDRES DOMANCICH together with SYBEL CALMON (the first ia a professional audio engineer and the only genuine Techno DJ in activity on Espírito Santo state in Brasil, the second is an internationally recognised House DJ and producer), the duo BITCH BROS imprints on the many floors they have already played (either in Marcelo’s alone djset most part of the time, or in their live+dj set or 4decks performance together) an agressive and almost revolutionary, but even thus dancing and involving style: the Funky/Groovy/Prog/Electro-Techno, or as they prefer to call: The Neo-Techno!

They have already showed their energy on many electronic scenes from Brasil where they are from, and also other countries, such as Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Milano in Italy, Rosario and Buenos Aires in Argentina and others around, acquiring good capabilities on floor mooving.

In 2008, started organizing together and in an independent way the record labels GUILHOTINA RECORDS, focused in Techno & Trance, and URBANIZED RECORDS, focused on house e tech-house, both available @ Beatport.

With more than 30 releases so fai in their career, you can check their discography on Discogs and their music on sites like Beatport & Trackitdown.


Bitch Bros