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Bit Funk

Brooklyn, United States


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Growing up in a small town on Canada’s Atlantic Coast, this Brooklyn resident has quickly earned a reputation as one of house and disco’s most respected artists. With breakout tracks like his 2012 crossover hits It Ain’t Easy & It’s My Love, Bit Funk has established an international fan base and lived up to the hype with a steady touring schedule in the United States, Canada and Europe.

With remixes for Viceroy, Treasure Fingers, GRUM, as well as other notable artists, Bit Funk has garnered support from heavyweights such as Alan Braxe, The Magician, RAC, Oliver, Jody Wisternoff and even Flosstradamus. His memorable hooks and smooth melodies weave a signature sound that delivers equally well on the dance floor, or as the soundtrack to your daily life. The former drummer’s productions draw their influences from far and wide, paying respects to the classics while making their mark in the contemporary club scene.

As a DJ, Bit Funk has an ever increasing plate, playing crowds from Miami to Los Angeles, and Newfoundland to Vancouver. Fresh off his first European tour, which saw him fill clubs in London, Berlin, Madrid and more, Bit Funk is poised to capitalize on his momentum and break out internationally this year.