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Georg Bissen is a German national living in New York. He has written and collaborated on well over a thousand pieces of music and projects in his still brief professional music career. Bissen got his start in the music business a mere six years ago, when he began working in New York City as a composer and engineer in the music for advertising industry. He formed his own music production company MetaTechnik soon after, which now boasts two offices in New York and Los Angeles. At MetaTechnik, Bissen has produced award-winning campaigns for over a hundred major national and international television commercials for A-list clients that read like the Who’s-Who of the world’s biggest brands, from McDonalds to Coca-Cola, from Mini Cooper to MTV.

Now Bissen is well on the way to achieving his goal to corner the electronic dance music market as an artist/producer in his own right. Electronic music in all forms has always been one of Bissen’s passions, so after successfully establishing MetaTechnik, Bissen started to pursue this passion, with his first smash hit release “Like I Do” released only in August 2005 to much critical acclaim. Since then Bissen has signed and released about a dozen tracks on many different premiere European labels.

Bissen is also a DJ. Bissen began djaying in college, which soon earned him a three-year residency at Buxton, in Providence, RI. In New York, Bissen repeatedly spun at the now remodeled Liquids and continues to spin loft parties throughout the city.

While it is always worth mentioning, for credibility reasons, the standard list of tastemaker DJs who have hammered Bissen’s records (and yes, they include everyone from Armin Van Buuren (ASOT) and Ferry Corsten, to Tiesto, Moguai and Judge Jules—“Like I Do” was played 7 weeks in a row on his BBC Radio 1 radio show, receiving the coveted honor of “tried and tested”), it is more interesting to talk about Bissen’s music and what actually sets him apart from other artists.

Coming with his full-time occupation as a commercial music producer is the ability to write, engineer and produce in any style of music. This requires true skill, experience, and an innate talent and understanding of music that is unsurpassed. Perhaps this explains why Bissen’s records always exhibit a very keen sense of originality, musicality and impeccable production, as well as that extra, indescribable oomph that makes for credible and effective dance music. This may also explain why Bissen’s records are so different from release to release, appearing, under various aliases, comfortably on major labels alongside popular rock and pop acts like The Killers and Pink (Universal), major dance acts like Cascada and D.H.T. (Robbins), but also on highly respected underground labels such as Boxer Recordings, Silver Planet or Recoverworld—each at the forefront of their very unique genres. Knowing very well from building his own company that he needs to make this journey as an artist on his own, Bissen stays focused and on course in carving his very own niche and does not depend on others to pull him up. While the way to the top may therefore be longer, success has a much stronger foundation and is much more rewarding.