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Rome, Italy

Kalambur Publishing, Media Records, Mystika Records
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At the begin of the 90’s in Rome comes out a new artist. A man who would have had a great success in the following years. The first deejay who played progressive in Italy, strongly next to the techno sound of those years.

During this period he builds his artist profile and he is well-known as the Prince ( somebody who make the people dream ) in Rome area, where he organizes the first rave parties, joined by many artists of that period. He also works for some radios in Rome and his fame grows up day by day.

He became one of the most important techno-deejays in Italy when he joined Media Records

In the famous label BXR, for several years top label in Europe oriented on trance and techno sound, Bismark releases several excellent records that become top anthems in all Europe. Enough to remember “ Make A Dream ”, “ Reactivate ”, “ E.R.K. ”, “ The Theme Of Sphere ” In My Heart ”.

His records are played costantly by top deejays in the world In 2001 Bismark appears also in a double compilation by Armin Van Buuren and in 2007 Paul Van Dyk plays one his tune for 8 months consecutively at the Vonyc sessions “ Professional bass”

During his career Bismark has played several times around Europe, often in Eivissa ,Spain, in U.K., in France, in Germany and in Swiss.

A superb portfolio that describes at the best the man, the artist and the deejay: a long and successful career with a rich discography who deserves all our admiration.

In 2007 he was awarded at Mario Riva TV Awards as best Italian deejay.

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