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Italian DJ-producer “Bisbetic” artistically born in 2009 from the merger of the ideas of Alfio Bonanno & Riccardo Puglisi. Starting to get noticed within the Italian club for their very special own set out of the ordinary, the use of Ableton Live and controller as the APC40 and korg pad mean that the bisbetic affect the public’s attention not only to the dirty selection of music but also for their peculiarity and extravagance mixed; since 2009 begin playing in their set even their productions and remixes and it should be noted the bootleg of “whatcha say” The that has very successful in many italian clubs; in 2010 opened his own studio “bisbetic home” in which all their ideas are born always looking for an electro house sound that makes people dance and have fun always trying to show out of the monotony also using pieces sung.

In april 2011 out “open your eyes” new single by international dj Maurizio gubellini, peruz & kurosawa that’s includes bisbetic remix played in many radio and clubs.

In genuary 2011, in collaboration with the singer angelo di guardo ,born new single “alone” that’s out soon on first class music..