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Newark, United States

House, Trance

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‘His Work ‘

“I am so lucky to be born in a country were music and art is so appreciated and where people don’t see as much of a creative and social barrier between genres as it is more common here [North America]…” says the DJ and upcoming producer/remixer as he describes the melting pot of music that he fed from during his youth. “When we had a party you heard and danced everything, European Pop, House, Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Dancehall… there were segments for it all and that variety was essential”.

Even though his music collection today does not reflect exactly what he experienced in his teenage years, his mentality has not changed much, and when it comes to his work Bis is nothing other than a perfectionist making every turn of the record count and looking for nothing but the best out of his performance. You can see it in his concentration, feel it in your soul and hear it in the musical experience that he provides to many night after night.

‘Versatility and Skill: ‘

Versatility in most DJ’s cases means giving up the flair for the mixing style that is expected at a venue in addition to getting off track with music that is just not what listeners of that genre really care to hear. With over 8 years of hard work in the club industry Bis has developed a keen sense for the parties “groove” and is known to work the collective energy of the room with his dynamic mixing style.

‘Electronic Dance Music – Today his crates are filled with House and Trance music, anything from deep and funky to tribal and the peak-hour beats. For a while DJ BIS concentrated on Hardstyle as one of his favorite music styles (See “WICKED”), but nowadays his passion lays on the more popular House, Trance & Progressive sounds.

‘Tropical/Urban Dance Music – From Brazil up to the Caribbean, when it comes to dishing out a set of tropical dance music, not many deliver like DJ BIS. His unique crafting of a music set and ability to scope out a dance floor have brought this Costa Rican DJ to the top of the Latin music game while seamlessly mixing Salsa, Merengue, Latin House, Bachata, Reggaeton, and a whole lot more of what cultures party to in Latin America.

For this young entrepreneur 2006 will be an exciting year as he will take on some new production challenges and continue to expand his tight schedule to different cities and states. Check back for updates on this and more news, music and other multimedia.