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Bucharest, Romania

Drum & Bass, Progressive House

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Enevel (or DJ Enevel), also known for his Trap Music mixes, is a 19 year old DJ based out of Sibiu, Romania. He makes music mixes and performs electronic music, including bass-heavy genre’s like glitch-hop, trap, moombahton, chilltrap, dubstep and drum & bass.

Started in 2009 with organizing high-shool parties with his friends, after a year he realized that the people are really enjoying his track-lists, and many of them suggested that he shall move on. He began mixing house and minimal tracks in Virtual DJ, slowly learning the basics of djing. In 2012 he advanced to Traktor and moved on by changing genres, he released 2 Dubstep mixes made of 2 UKF album releases. In 2013 he started a new chapter in Trap Music, he made Bass Trap mixes that were promoted by famous Trap Labels like All Trap Nation, Trap Music HD, Bass Turbat, Beast Trap Music, Trap Mafia & more. He is now collaborating with Bass Turbat, Bass Aliens and Bass Society performing live in his country, Romania.

Quotes from fans:

“Something is rising, and it ain’t Jesus!”

“Elves in the North Pole make toys to this song”

“This drops harder than Hiroshima”

“Roses are red , violets are blue last time something dropped that hard ended world war two.”